My name is Zach Heise. I’m 6’1″, wiry, and roguishly handsome.

I am an Information Technology specialist, liberal Christian, and bicyclist who lives in the small city of Madison, the state capitol of Wisconsin. Between the summers of 2017 and 2018, I resided in the bustling capitol of the Central American nation of Panama…Panama City. My lovely partner Christine and I were there working to improve English language learning in ways both large (her: creating new English teaching curriculum for the UDELAS university system spread across the nation) and small (me: volunteering as a basic-education English language teacher for children in the intercity neighborhood of Chorillo.) We enjoyed our time in Latin America (and adopted a sassy little Panamanian street kitten, Arriba, who now lives with her grandparents), but it’s good to be back in the Midwest.

Until late 2010, I worked in Amman, Jordan with the organization Entity Green, a start-up group that focuses on providing sustainable vocational training for local Jordanians, and refugees from the Occupation of Iraq that had fled to Amman. I handled Computer Hardware training/support, and also did basic support and teaching for several other small education programs. I’m happy to say that as of 2018, I believe as many as 90-95% of my former students have been successfully relocated around the world to Australia, Germany, Canada, and the USA (to name a few). I hope they think back fondly of our time together in our vocational training center in Ein al Basha, whenever they look at a computer!

I originally come from the small town of Brodhead, WI, and I graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a degree in Legal Studies, and a minor (or as we call them, a “certificate”) in Technical Communications. While in school, I dabbled in majoring in Theatre (Acting Program) and Psychology for a couple years each before deciding on my LS degree.

I built this site (originally just static HTML pages) in early 2007, and occasionally do other simple website jobs for the organization I’m part of, as well as friends who want to start up their own websites, or websites for their own organizations. I think in this day and age, everyone who can afford the $6 $10 $15 a year for a domain name should have their own spot on the web.

Thanks for visiting. As time goes on, I hope to expand this to beyond a simple blog into a place where people can see projects I’m currently working on and comment on them, too. Please feel free to leave comments on my entries, positive or negative – constructive criticism is always appreciated.