While working with the Campus Antiwar Network to end the illegal occupation of Iraq and promote tolerance and peace in the Middle East, I’ve occasionally been featured and quoted in radio, newspapers, and in television. You can find some of the links below.

If any of the links are suddenly broken (as the WORT ones were) please let me know!

  • 4/17/2007: WORT Radio – Preparation for the Sit-In at Senator Kohl’s Office

    My colleague Chris Dols has a radio show, “A Public Affair” that he hosts, and right before our major protest and sit-in at Herb Kohl’s office in downtown Madison, he invited myself and some other activists to join him on the show, take questions from callers about why we were doing it, and build understanding of direct action protests like this one.
    The file was originally hosted at WORT’s website, but due to its age, was removed from their archives.

  • 4/27/2007: Socialist Worker – Why we decided to occupy
    I originally wrote the night after the sit-in at Kohl’s office as a Facebook-based essay, complete with Youtube links to individual videos I’d added documenting the protest. I published it on Facebook with friends who had emailed or called me in solidarity after hearing what was going on during that wild night. A friend showed it to the editorial staff of the Socialist Worker newspaper, and they asked for my permission to publish it in their paper, which I was happy to provide. Although I’m not a socialist myself, the struggles of the antiwar movement and the socialist movement are almost always intertwined, and they’ve always been good friends and allies to the Campus Antiwar Network.
  • 5/4/2007: Counterpunch – Sitting in on Senator Kohl and the war
    Several CAN members weighed in on the results of the protest several weeks later via email communications with noted activist writer Ron Jacobs.
  • 9/20/2007: Associated Press – Halliburton recruiters take flak in Wis.

    This article features a photo of my colleague Jean and myself leading some chants and protests from the top of Bascom Hill. Originally hosted at USA Today, but now saved, and served, by the wonderful Wayback Machine.
  • 9/21/2007: Wisconsin Eye – Campus Anti-war Protests Then and Now

    I was invited by Wisconsin Eye (sometimes referred to as “Wisconsin’s C-SPAN”) to give my thoughts on previous day’s protest of the Halliburton corporation on the UW-Madison campus, and discussed the differences between contemporary protests and those of the Vietnam era with UW professor Jeremi Suri. Young Zach sure says “you know” a lot, doesn’t he? He was pretty nervous, I recall.

    This video was originally hosted via the arcane MMS video streaming protocol on a random server addressable only via an IP (mms:// if you’re curious what they looked like) but as of 2020, no longer exists (what a shock eh?) WMV video files cannot be embedded in webpages, so I’ve re-encoded the file as an h264-codec mp4 file instead, which should work with embedded playback in most browsers).

  • 10/3/2007: Wisconsin State Journal – Students take police videotaping in stride
    Soon after our Halliburton protest, I was asked for a commentary on the allegations that police officials have been recording student activities throughout the campus, such as football games and more importantly, peaceful protests. I’ll admit at the time that I did not see a major problem with videotaping of student activities (many of us videotape ourselves protesting, put it on Youtube, and have no problems with it) but after further consultations with my colleagues and learning the method of police filming (namely, trying to capture detailed images of faces for permanent cataloging purposes) I have altered my stance to stand in opposition to this particular type of fourth-amendment violation. (Sadly, the exact article page was never archived by the Wayback Machine)
  • 10/18/2007: Wisconsin State Journal – Times have changed for student protesters
    I discuss the apathy that surrounds much of the student protest movement, and the Campus Antiwar Network’s wish to better engage with college students and show them how the war affects them. (Same as with the above article, Wayback never archived this link. I guess I’m leaving this as a placeholder so someday I’ll remember to go into my archives and scan my paper copies of these articles into PDF)
  • 11/27/2007: WORT Radio – An interview with Dahr Jamail

    I join my colleague Chris again on his radio show to help interview the internationally renown journalist Dahr Jamail and discuss his work, experiences, and how the antiwar movement can help out.
    The file was originally hosted at WORT’s website, but due to its age, was removed from their archives.