Let’s be honest – RSS is probably dying in most circles. This blog is “old” though – having been originally started in 2007 – and I like old technology! So if you are an RSS feed user, you probably already know all this, but perhaps you clicked on this thinking “what the Sam Hill is RSS?” – well, this page can summarize better than I can!

Needless to say, my favorite RSS reader is my email client, Thunderbird. Here’s how you can add an RSS feed to it.

And here’s how you can do it in Outlook (in Outlook 365, look for a folder named “RSS Subscriptions” and right click it to see the “Add a New RSS Feed” item).

And the most important part – my RSS feed – it’s super easy. With great trumpet fanfare:

🎺 https://heiseheise.com/feed 🎺