My first solo international trip. Mom just dropped me off at the
Janesville Van Galder terminal, for my 9:30 AM bus trip to O’Hare. I
think I’m too nervous…or maybe this is normal? I haven’t flown
internationally since junior year of high school, but that was with a
huge group of people. I’ve never flown by myself, much less flown
internationally. I hope I didn’t forget anything. I hope that they don’t
make me check both my bags (supposedly, these two that I have shoved the
next 2.5 weeks of my life into are both small enough to be carried-on)
and totally muck up my schedule.

The bus is supposed to get here in about ten minutes or so, and then
it’s a straight shot to Terminal #2 at Chicago. I feel like I should be
chugging coffee, to stay awake, to make sure that I don’t overlook
anything or miss anything important in this, the very first leg of the