I just finished up my most recent web project, changing and redesigning Whitman Academy’s webpage to be easier to modify, with more features and “Web 2.0 compliant.” I don’t like using that buzzword because I feel as if it’s way overused, but if you had compared the old site to the new, you’d understand it by way of its definition. I define 2.0 as allowing and encouraging user input back to the website. Web 1.0 would be a newspaper that you read. Web 2.0 is a newspaper that you can read, comment on, and share easily with others.

The site is not completely done yet (but then, what website ever is?) and I’d like to take some of the Whitman art students’ work and replace the default plant photos in the rotating PHP/javascript display, but that may take a little while to get ahold of digital copies of the artwork. And of course, the Gallery at the end of the menu there is still mostly empty, but I hope to fill it up as the year goes on with new pictures. I used the most famous Gallery program, the NextGallery plugin, and the thing is a pure dream to work with; couldn’t be happier.

As always, I enjoy using WordPress (obviously!) and I found a great theme to use, the Atahualpa. It allowed for completely menu-based CSS modification from a new menu in the Dashboard, which really made my life a lot simpler. I wouldn’t be surprised if the world sees a lot of themes based off of Atahualpa’s design and format out on the web soon.

My parents arrive in only a few hours now; I’m really excited to go pick them up from the airport at 9. It’s going to be one of the best couple of weeks ever!