I normally don't hotlink other people's images, but since WordPress's uploader is broken...Even when I was in the mountains of Colorado, I found time to watch Steve Job’s new keynote speech announcing the latest updates to the iPhone software and the phone itself, the long-awaited iPhone 3G. Everyone knew it was coming for the past few months, and most people (including myself) were looking forward to it.

But seriously, Apple – if you’re going to jack up the fees for monthly rates to AT&T from $60 a month to $70 a month, then at least have the decency to tell your customers on your website. It’s glaringly obvious to anyone who saw the old Apple Store option for the iPhone; the entire box with the monthly subscription fees has vanished. Now, I understand that technically Apple is only a manufacturer and they are not the controllers of AT&T’s prices. But Jobs knew that his partner would be upping their rates, and he says nothing?

The cost of the iPhone plus the old smallest minimum monthly fee (approx) for the 24-month contract: $399 + ($60 x 24) = $1839

Cost of the new iPhone and the new rate: $199 + ($70 x 24) = $1879

It’s not the comparably small increase, it’s that they’re blatantly hiding that it was made. Bad form, Apple. But I suppose you’re no stranger to removing information from your website.