Here’s a video from one of my fellow choir members, taken at our show at the King Hussein Cultural Center. We were the last five minutes of a two-hour long presentation, but Shireen said that the audience complimented her on it and said that they were looking forward to seeing more. Since the primary purpose of this “mini-show” was to gain sponsorship and attract attention, then it can definitely be considered a success!

In case you’re wondering about that little bit of almost-unintelligible Arabic we stuck in at the end of Ascot Gavotte, I’ve been told that what we’re singing is a bit of an old Jordanian folk song about romance, the woman asking to be taken to Zarqa’ and teasingly calling the man “little boy” (ya Walaad), then the man being insulted and telling her that he won’t take her, then telling her to be quiet, (ay Ooskut). Obviously, the last bit is a play on the fact that the phrase to tell someone “be quiet!” in Arabic is almost the same as the title of the song.