Picture of me holding a deck of card's joker

I went out to see The Dark Knight yesterday evening, and of course I couldn’t let the opportunity for a simple yet visceral theatrical experience pass me by. Although originally a few other people that I went with planned on dressing up too, in the end it was just me. I don’t quite have Heath Ledger’s bone structure, so I couldn’t pull it off entirely (his face is much broader than mine) but I liked the results, especially since I kept it pretty close to his interpretation. It’s too bad we’ll never get to see him play another role as the Joker.

I wish I could have dressed as him too, but oddly enough, I couldn’t seem to find anyone that actually owns a purple suit. I ended up just wearing a purple t-shirt over a green button-up shirt, and then throwing a tie in for good measure. It wasn’t a very good costume, but people got the idea.