Back in early March, I got a comment on this blog from a woman named Leanna who wanted to know if she could use one of my pictures from the 2009 Dead 2 Red race as a model base for a poster she was making for school. Of course I was more than happy to allow her to use my photos however she wanted, and all I asked was that she send me a copy of the finished product that I could display here.

Here’s the original photo below (and here’s a link to the entire original story of “what is the Dead 2 Red race and what was I doing in it?”

I never thought that riding a road bike instead of a hybrid bike could be so rewarding!

Just looking at this photo now, two years later, gives me a longing to be back on that dusty highway with robed men shouting encouraging (hopefully) things at me as I biked through their villages

And here’s the poster art that Leanna made for her sporting organization for her university. I look good in muted earth tones! Thanks for sharing it back with me, Leanna, and I hope that it increases interest in the Outdoor Recreational Club! You can see more of her artwork at her Tumblr webpage.

This might just be my new Facebook photo for awhile

This might just be my new Facebook photo for awhile