Verily, we cannot deny that mobile is the future of computing. So, after hunting through a few different plugins recommended by this page that would automatically display a mobile version of, I decided on this one – the WordPress Mobile Detector. WP-touch, my first pick, seemed 100% broken on my site, but this one works. And has some nice stat tracking to go with it too.

I’ll be taking a trip down to Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave National Park early next month – expect a hiking-related update about that. And if I get around it, maybe a quick story about the saga of the Motorcycle Shopping of August. That was a fun one!

And of course, Windows 8 comes out at the end of this month, and I’ll be looking into getting a Microsoft Surface as soon as possible. Between my Android phones and my Windows main computing systems, I think I’ve covered all the bases for operating systems out there!