I’ve been part of my third (recent) Madison theatre production for the past month. Our last three shows are coming up this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. My director from my previous play, Jan Thal, recommended me to the director of this play, Jon Siewert – possibly because once I shave my beard and mustache off, I have the facial appearance of a 15 year old that’s needed to play the role!

I play “young Andrew” (there is also a fellow who plays the main character, “Andrew” but I decided I wanted a smaller role for this production since it’s so soon after finishing 10 Thousand Moons from Here a few months ago). I am Andrew as he’s being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes as a high schooler, and his early experiences with learning to cope with disease, which he views as a “punishment like I did something wrong…only I didn’t!” Of course, this angry view spills into the adult Andrew character who is around 30 years old to my 15.

Here’s a shot of me getting my first insulin shot during tech week. That’s Nurse Nancy behind me – heh, our actual Nancy was out that week for work so we had another of the actors fill in for her roles, of which all of the minor characters have more than 1. (I have two, but some of the people have three or four).

Photo Credit: Heather Renken, Broom Street Theatre Artistic Director

And here’s a “trailer” video that was made by another friend of Broom Street theatre.

If you’re in Madison and interested in seeing one of our last three shows – here’s the show’s ticket information! From what I hear though, word of mouth has kicked off (we got a good review for our show and the other one act we’re partnered with, The Sweet Lowdown) and the seats are going fast!