Google apparently punishes website folks if they don’t have a mobile-ready version of their site ready to go. As I was poking around, trying to get old Facebook video embed links to work on some old posts, I tried checking out those pages on my phone to see how they looked there. Imagine my irritation (I would go so far as to say it was mild! quite mild!) when I saw that the entire thing was completely busted and didn’t even show a search link anymore. That former plugin is called WP Mobile Detector, and while it was “great while it lasted” it seems it hasn’t gotten a real function update since sometime in 2015, which in the webdev world might as well be 1986. Or, more likely, they stopped offering the free version I installed in 2012/2013, didn’t tell me, and moved to a paid license only model, leaving us free bloggers out on the vine to wither.

Enter new, top-of-google-search-results-for “best wordpress mobile theme” WPTouch. You can view it on your phone by visiting this website. Maybe you’re doing so at this moment in which case, isn’t it beautiful? Looks very slick to me, considering the old one looked like something from the first generation of iPhone.

Comparison – then and now.

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