Today marks ten years since I downloaded and installed WordPress 2.1.3 on my little corner of the internet, mostly to give my parents a means of checking up on me when I took my summer trip to the United Kingdom later in the month of May. My first blog post was the equivalent of “Hello World” and very few people know or remember that very briefly, this blog briefly occupied a /blog subfolder instead of the place of honor at the top of the domain. At that point I thought the website might serve as a repository for a CV and other documents, and I didn’t know if I wanted to commit to what I thought of as a bland, boring “every page on the internet is a damned wordpress blog!” look. It would be a year before I’d scrap that original, now forgotten, look and commit wholly to WordPress.

The blog served me well for my two years of living in Jordan, and it definitely doesn’t get updated as much anymore (except for navel-gazing, like to celebrate having basic web security or to commemorate a decade of its own existence, geez that’s corny), but perhaps I’ll have some exciting news to share next week.