Someone told me about the online movie “Zeitgeist” several months ago, but since it’s a pretty long film, I never got around to watching it. However, that changed this evening, when a couple friends of mine and I sat down and learned about what the filmmakers term, ‘the three largest conspiracies ever told.”

  1. The Christian Church
  2. The September 11 Attacks, and who caused them.
  3. The “man behind the curtain” – the elite group of men that control international economies, war, and everything down to the clothes that Brittany Spears wears (apparently).

The movie is so frightening, so terrible, that you won’t want to believe it. Everyone you know, the majority of people I know, will decry it as a typical conspiracy theory. As a Christian, the first half an hour, on the fallacy of the Christian Church bothered me. I’ve seen the documentation on the similarities between Christianity and preceding religions before, and I have always taken such ideas with a grain of salt…I mean, no one “tells me” what my religion should or shouldn’t be, not that I listen. It’s a personal choice of mine, and if I personally choose to believe in the triune God, that’s my choice.

Moving on. I’ve already of course looked up the first site I could find against the movie, and I encourage you to watch the film, and then do the same. In this day and age no one should believe anything right away. Zeitgeist gets you going. It got my friends and I too. But, as this article dryly mentions, do your own searching and find out their facts for yourself.

Click the image below to their page; give it a watch with some friends or family members, and talk about it. Regardless of what you eventually end up thinking, it is true that this nation can always use more intelligent discourse onto the state of humanity. If nothing else, I applaud Zeitgeist for starting that conversation.

Click here for Zeitgeist Movie