In order to get with the times and WordPress 2.7’s newest features, I’m in the process of modifying the “comment” feature on the blog. One of the major complaints with the older versions of ‘press was that each reader’s comment was essentially isolated from everyone else except for the blog’s owner. However, with a few theme modifications and some tweaking, any blog that started with an older theme (like the heavily customized “Talian” I’m using here) can add the ability to have users reply in a “thread” of comments, each person with the ability to “talk” to the other readers.

You can already see this in action now, with any blog entry that has already been commented on. the problem is that in the process it also removed my stylization files for the comments section which means that your comments will have this tiny, unmatched little font with missing colors and weird “Gravatars.” The latter is starting to grow on me though, and I think I’ll keep them around even after I get everything else fixed again; it allows me to quickly see the beginning and end of a comment.

As always, my awed thanks goes out to the WordPress teams and the developers who make this all possible for the blogging world! It seems that anything is possible using their tools if you have some patience and Mountain Dew, and since the Arab variety is even more potently sugary than the American variety, it must be that coding in the Middle East is doubly effective!

First official concert for Dozan wa Awtar will be tomorrow – story and pictures to follow quickly – I promise!