I just completed another website component yesterday; not for my own site but for one of my final credits at the university – an independent study course given to me by the director of the Technical Communications program in the Engineering department. She wanted me to do some work on their website – simple work, but important. I noticed that their course list was using a PDF, which obviously has some disadvantages:

  • Requires a PDF reader (hey, there might be someone somewhere that doesn’t have one
  • Harder for search engines to index
  • Hard to upgrade or add onto
  • Harder to use HTML-compliant tagged links/bookmarks

So, an HTML page was in order! I dumped the contents of the PDF into a HTML page, and then at the request of the director, went ahead and did some independent research into courses in the Letters & Science and Business schools that might qualify for credit in the Tech Comm certificate (or minor, as other schools call them). It was a proud moment for me to be given the okay to make my own judgments on which courses should qualify for Tech Comm credits; I’m honored the director put her trust in me to do so.

So, nothing major on the site, but pretty cool that I’ve had my second university-sanctioned updating project (my personal favorite is still the staff page I made for my department in DoIT last semester, as well as other little upgrades to that website at the same time). I wish I had gotten involved with web design earlier in my college career; there are a lot of departments that could use an upgrade here on my campus alone!

I should stop distracting myself with writing; I have three exams in a row tomorrow from 7:45AM to 7:25PM…how ironic that the last day of my academic career will be the most torturous of them all, too. Suppose it’s poetic justice or something. Back to the books!