I’m really starting to wish I had brought my laptop with me. There’s a definite dearth of open wifi access points in the buildings we’ve been staying in thus far rendering my iPod touch moot. I thought I could get by with just borrowing my friends’ laptops but since there’s no wifi in the housing I usually can’t do that either.

So for the second time i’ve dusted off the WordPress application from the iPhone app store and hooked it into my blog. Nothing fancy and I won’t be able to upload any pictures til I get to a place where I can dump the 860 off my camera from the past week, but this slow and tedious method of entry will have to do.

Ugh, I just realized this text editor doesn’t even have an automatic URL making system. Again, ah well. Mub’da’iyen, as we say in Arabic. Let me see if I can type it and it will work on this little keyboard… مبدئياً. Yep, no problem.

Anyway, this link here will lead you to the official musica sacra photography page. For some reason they call us by the old name “Aswatuna” instead of “Dozan wa Awtar” which is what we use these days. You can search for our particular concerts between May 22 through 25 I believe, and they’ll be updating it for our concerts tomorrow and the day after in Belgium, where we’re sitting at this moment.

Hopefully I’ll be able to update more frequently from Austria but I can’t count on it!