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Since returning from Jordan back in 2010, my musical tastes have changed quite a bit. One of my go-to melodic electronic bands in the past decade has been El Ten Eleven. They were at the High Noon Saloon tonight with Thunder Dreamer opening for them. Bassist/guitarist Kristian Dunn was his usual theatrical self, self deprecatingly joking with the crowd when first his looping pedal and then actually his amp exhibited a few random electric problems. Dunn soon fixed them and was back to wowing the crowd with some super relaxing loops.

The band just came out with its sixth studio album since they first published in 2004, the new one being named “Bankers Hill” – their merch table had it of course, both in vinyl and also cassette tape. I couldn’t believe it! You’ve gotta be pretty dedicated to still be picking up cassettes in 2018.

They had a great light show going on, too. I had a chance to speak with their soundboard operator, who told me that he was from Denver, and joined them whenever they started a tour out from California. The band’s now 18 years old and have had plenty of opportunities to do so! It was his first time visiting us here in Madison at the High Noon Saloon, and he said he was really liking the acoustics.

Speaking of which, whoever that soundboard operator was, he did a great job of tuning his tones to the space. Everything was comfortable to list to without earplugs, and both Kristian on his guitar and loopers and Tim on his drums blended perfectly in the room. As well they should after so many years of playing together!