I’ll make no secret of the fact that this blog is 10 years old; something I’m very proud of. However, I’m less proud of the fact that my theme, based on Talian 1.0, is also 10 years old. The maker of the the theme, Steve Arun, seems to have entirely pivoted away from themes to focus on his Virtual Assistant business, and there’s no visible mention of it on his site anymore, nor on the FB page he made for his theme(?!?)

My previous blog post was a test of whether or not I could make a post on mobile, while at a concert, and have it not look like complete crap. Well, H265 encoded videos having no video and only audio aside (hey, at least they work in Safari, Edge, and Internet Explorer!), the pictures were the main problem. A Galaxy S9 photo defaults to what, 4k by 2.2k resolution? When Talian 1.0 was built in 2006, no one was putting pictures that size on the internet. Who’d be able to download them without it taking 5 minutes per photo?

WordPress rolled out “responsive images” back in v4.4 and I was left in the dust. Whenever I uploaded an image onto the internet, be it on mobile or desktop, I’d have to carefully handcraft each entry, making sure horizontal width didn’t exceed the fixed-width “body” of 400px (heh, the old days when 1920×1200 was a big screen).

Today, I’ve discovered the CSS entry “max-entry: 100%” and that % sign is my new best friend. I’ve stuck that onto the img, video, and iframe elements (for Youtube embeds) of the venerable Talian’s stylesheet, and from now on, no more needing to monkey with images quite so much.

Also, Christine and I made Soy Deviled Eggs for Thanksgiving Yesterday. They were delicious.

No messing with this image! Well, except to set the open-in-new-tab function. Grr.