Well, we did it! After 10 years of dating, Christine and I got hitched last weekend on the 13th, surrounded by our closest friends and nuclear family. Our cooperative cohousing condo was kind enough to allow us to host the ceremony and lunch right at our building. It was lovely, and I wasn’t nervous at all, no sir. Happy to finally be hitched to my best friend.

Of course we had a Jedi Knight marry us. Who wouldn't!
Of course we had a Jedi Knight marry us. Who wouldn’t!

We do wish the pandemic would have allowed us to do things indoors (it’s pretty chilly in Wisconsin in November) but it is what it is, and overall we have had a pretty easy time of the pandemic what with work-from-home schedules, and not losing any of our loved ones to the disease. While we all know friends and family that have gotten the virus, we’ve been lucky to not have had to say goodbye to anyone.

Sometime in summer 2022 we hope to have a larger (still outdoor, probably) reception and invite a lot more folks.

Honeymoon in Cancun next month!