Ogg Hall Tear Down

It makes me so sad to see the old Ogg Hall in Madison coming down, floor by floor, brick by brick. Everyone always teases Ogg Hall…”it smells bad” – “the rooms are dumb” – “it’s ugly looking,” etc etc. However, everyone who’s ever lived in Ogg Hall knows that it’s a personal experience your freshman year, and no other dorm can ever replace it. Take Sellery for example, which I lived in sophomore year (it’s dimly visible to the crumbling right side of the West Tower pictured here). It was an okay dorm, but the construction of the replacement Ogg across the street meant loud noises all year round. And we got off on the wrong foot when the hot water in the showers didn’t work for the first two weeks.

I’ll add more pictures of Ogg’s slow descent to earth as the workers busily tear it down. Darn them, they wouldn’t even let me keep my old door to my room. 🙁